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Afgan, Enis; Chapman, Brad; Taylor, James (2012) CloudMan as a platform for tool, data, and analysis distribution. BMC bioinformatics, 13 (315). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1471-2105

Aliaga, José I.; Alonso, Pedro; Badía, José M.; Chacón, Pablo; Davidović, Davor; López-Blanco, José R.; Quintana-Ortí, Enrique S. (2016) Fast band-Krylov eigensolver for macromolecular functional motion simulation on multicore architectures and graphics processors. Journal of computational physics, 309 . pp. 314-323. ISSN 0021-9991

Aliaga, José Ignacio; Badia, Jose M.; Castillo, Maribel; Davidović, Davor; Mayo, Rafael; Quintana-Ortí, Enrique S. (2015) Out-of-core macromolecular simulations on multithreaded architectures. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 27 (6). pp. 1540-1550. ISSN 1532-0626

Alonso-Jordá, Pedro; Davidović, Davor; Sapunar, Marin; Herrero, José R.; Quintana-Ortí, Enrique S. (2021) Efficient update of determinants for many-electron wave function overlaps. Computer physics communications, 258 . ISSN 0010-4655

Antulov-Fantulin, Nino; Lančić, Alen; Šmuc, Tomislav; Štefančić, Hrvoje; Šikić, Mile (2015) Identification of Patient Zero in Static and Temporal Networks : Robustness and Limitations. Physical Review Letters, 114 . pp. 248701-1. ISSN 0031-9007

Bakarić, Robert; Korenčić, Damir; Hršak, Dalibor; Ristov, Strahil (2022) SFQ: Constructing and Querying a Succinct Representation of FASTQ Files. Electronics, 11 (11). ISSN 2079-9292

Barić, Domjan; Fumić, Petar; Horvatić, Davor; Lipić, Tomislav (2021) Benchmarking attention-based interpretability of deep learning in multivariate time series predictions. Entropy (Basel. Online), 23 (2). ISSN 1099-4300

Blankenberg, Daniel; Kuster, Gregory Von; Bouvier, Emil; Baker, Dannon; Afgan, Enis; Stoler, Nicholas; Taylor, James; Nekrutenko, Anton (2014) Dissemination of scientific software with Galaxy ToolShed. Genome Biology, 15 (2). pp. 403-406. ISSN 1474-7596

Cetinić, Eva (2021) Towards generating and evaluating iconographic image captions of artworks. Journal of Imaging, 7 (8). ISSN 2313-433X

Cetinić, Eva; Lipić, Tomislav; Grgić, Sonja (2019) A Deep Learning Perspective on Beauty, Sentiment, and Remembrance of Art. IEEE Access, 7 . pp. 73694-73710. ISSN 2169-3536

Cetinić, Eva; Lipić, Tomislav; Grgić, Sonja (2018) Fine-tuning Convolutional Neural Networks for fine art classification. Expert Systems with Applications, 114 . pp. 107-118. ISSN 0957-4174

Daghighi, Amirreza; Casanola-Martin, Gerardo M.; Timmerman, Troy; Milenković, Dejan; Lučić, Bono; Rasulev, Bakhtiyor (2022) In Silico Prediction of the Toxicity of Nitroaromatic Compounds: Application of Ensemble Learning QSAR Approach. Toxics, 10 (12). ISSN 2305-6304

Davidović, Davor; Depolli, Matjaž; Lipić, Tomislav; Skala, Karolj; Trobec, Roman (2015) Energy efficiency of parallel multicore programs. Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, 16 (4). pp. 437-448. ISSN 1895-1767

De Collibus, Francesco Maria; Partida, Alberto; Piškorec, Matija; Tessone, Claudio J. (2021) Heterogeneous Preferential Attachment in Key Ethereum-Based Cryptoassets. Frontiers in Physics, 9 . ISSN 2296-424X

(EGI-Engage) Dorn, Amelie; Wandl-Vogt, Eveline; Davidović, Davor; Barbera, Roberto (2019) Opening up traditional cultural knowledge by means of European infrastructures: the examples of exploreAT! & EGI Engage. Revista de Humanidades Digitales, 3 . pp. 124-134. ISSN 2531-1786

Dunjko, Vedran; Friis, Nicolai; Briegel, Hans J. (2015) Quantum-enhanced deliberation of learning agents using trapped ions. New journal of physics, 17 (2). 023006-1-023006-17. ISSN 1367-2630

Forer, Lukas; Afgan, Enis; Weissenteiner, Hansi; Davidović, Davor; Specht, Guenther; Kronenberg, Florian; Schoenherr, Sebastian (2016) CLOUDFLOW - Enabling Faster Biomedical Pipelines with Mapreduce and Spark. Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, 17 (2). pp. 103-114. ISSN 1895-1767

Fosin, Juraj; Davidović, Davor; Carić, Tonči (2013) A GPU implementation of local search operators for symmetric travelling salesman problem. Promet - Traffic & Transportation, 25 (3). pp. 225-234. ISSN 0353-5320

Futo, Momir; Opašić, Luka; Koska, Sara; Čorak, Nina; Široki, Tin; Ravikumar, Vaishnavi; Thorsell, Annika; Lenuzzi, Maša; Kifer, Domagoj; Domazet-Lošo, Mirjana; Vlahoviček, Kristian; Mijakovic, Ivan; Domazet-Lošo, Tomislav (2020) Embryo-like features in developing Bacillus subtilis biofilms. Molecular biology and evolution, 38 (1). pp. 31-47. ISSN 0737-4038

Futo, Momir; Široki, Tin; Koska, Sara; Čorak, Nina; Tušar, Anja; Domazet-Lošo, Mirjana; Domazet-Lošo, Tomislav (2022) A novel time-lapse imaging method for studying developing bacterial biofilms. Scientific Reports, 12 . ISSN 2045-2322

Gamberger, Dragan; Zenko, Bernard; Mitelpunkt, Alexis; Shachar, Netta; Lavrac, Nada (2016) Clusters of male and female Alzheimer's disease patients in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) database. Brain Informatics, 3 (3). pp. 169-179. ISSN 2198-4018

Grubišić, Ivan; Gjenero, Luka; Lipić, Tomislav; Sović, Ivan; Skala, Tibor (2011) Medical 3D thermography system. Periodicum Biologorum, 113 (4). pp. 401-406. ISSN 0031-5362

Hršak, Dalibor; Katanić, Ivan; Ristov, Strahil (2022) A fast method for the selection of samples in populations with available genealogical data. Diversity, 14 (2). ISSN 1424-2818

Jakobović, Domagoj; Đurasević, Marko; Brkić, Karla; Fosin, Juraj; Carić, Tonči; Davidović, Davor (2023) Evolving Dispatching Rules for Dynamic Vehicle Routing with Genetic Programming. Algorithms, 16 (6). ISSN 1999-4893

Jukić, Ante; Filipović, Marko (2013) Supervised feature extraction for tensor objects based on maximization of mutual information. Pattern Recognition Letters, 34 (13). pp. 1476-1484. ISSN 0167-8655

Jukić, Ante; Kopriva, Ivica; Cichocki, Andrzej (2013) Noninvasive diagnosis of melanoma with tensor decomposition-based feature extraction from clinical color image. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 8 (6). pp. 755-763. ISSN 1746-8094

Katanić, Ivan; Ristov, Strahil; Rosenzweig, Martin (2020) A Fast Algorithm for the Largest Area First Parsing of Real Strings. IEEE access, 8 . pp. 141990-142002. ISSN 2169-3536

Kopriva, Ivica; Filipović, Marko (2011) A mixture model with a reference-based automatic selection of components for disease classification from protein and/or gene expression levels. BMC Bioinformatics, 12 . 496-1-496-17. ISSN 1471-2105

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka (2014) Blind Separation of Analytes in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Improved Model for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 137 . pp. 47-56. ISSN 0169-7439

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka; Brkljačić, Lidija (2013) Nonlinear mixture-wise expansion approach to underdetermined blind separation of nonnegative dependent sources. Journal of Chemometrics, 27 (7/8). pp. 189-197. ISSN 0886-9383

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka; Brkljačić, Lidija (2015) Explicit–implicit mapping approach to nonlinear blind separation of sparse nonnegative dependent sources from a single mixture: pure component extraction from nonlinear mixture mass spectra. Journal of chemometrics, 29 (11). pp. 615-626. ISSN 0886-9383

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka; Filipović, Marko; Brkljačić, Lidija (2014) Empirical kernel map approach to nonlinear underdetermined blind separation of sparse nonnegative dependent sources: pure component extraction from nonlinear mixture mass spectra. Journal of Chemometrics, 28 (9). pp. 704-715. ISSN 0886-9383

Kopriva, Ivica; Ju, Wei; Zhang, Bin; Shi, Fei; Xiang, Dehui; Yu, Kai; Wang, Ximing; Bagci, Ulas; Chen, Xinjian (2017) Single-channel sparse non-negative blind source separation method for automatic 3-D delineation of lung tumor in PET images. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 21 (6). pp. 1656-1666. ISSN 2168-2194

Kopriva, Ivica; Popović Hadžija, Marijana; Hadžija, Mirko; Aralica, Gorana (2015) Offset-sparsity decomposition for automated enhancement of color microscopic image of stained specimen in histopathology. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 20 (7). 076012-1. ISSN 1083-3668

Levatić, Jurica; Pavić, Kristina; Perković, Ivana; Uzelac, Lidija; Ester, Katja; Kralj, Marijeta; Kaiser, Marcel; Rottmann, Matthias; Supek, Fran; Zorc, Branka (2018) Machine learning prioritizes synthesis of primaquine ureidoamides with high antimalarial activity and attenuated cytotoxicity. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 146 . pp. 651-667. ISSN 0223-5234

Lovrić, Mario; Pavlović, Kristina; Žuvela, Petar; Spataru, Adrian; Lučić, Bono; Kern, Roman; Wong, Ming Wah (2021) Machine learning in prediction of intrinsic aqueous solubility of drug‐like compounds: Generalization, complexity, or predictive ability?. Journal of chemometrics, 35 (7-8). ISSN 0886-9383

Marić, Ivan (2017) Retrieving sinusoids from nonuniformly sampled data using recursive relations. Expert Systems with Applications, 72 . pp. 245-257. ISSN 0957-4174

Maričević, Josip; Skala, Karolj; Šojat, Zorislav; Mesarić, Josip; Jerković, Igor; Bojović, Viktor; Hofman, Daniel (2022) HashNET Blockchain Consensus for DLT Applications. Current journal of applied science and technology, 41 (4). ISSN 2457-1024

Markus, Andras; Biro, Mate; Skala, Karolj; Šojat, Zorislav; Kertesz, Attila (2022) Modeling Dew Computing in DISSECT-CF-Fog. Applied Sciences, 12 (17). ISSN 2076-3417

Mekterović, Igor; Mekterović, Darko; Maglica, Željka (2014) BactImAS: a platform for processing and analysis of bacterial time-lapse microscopy movies. BMC Bioinformatics, 15 (251). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1471-2105

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Paparo, Giuseppe Davide; Dunjko, Vedran; Makmal, Adi; Martin- Delgado, Miguel Angel; Briegel, Hans J. (2014) Quantum speedup for active learning agents. Physical Review X, 4 . 031002/1-031002/14. ISSN 2160-3308

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Podobnik, Boris; Horvatić, Davor; Lipić, Tomislav; Perc, Matjaž; Buldú, Javier Martin; Stanley, H. Eugene (2015) The cost of attack in competing networks. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 12 (112). pp. 20150770-1. ISSN 1742-5689

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Ray, Partha Pratim; Skala, Karolj (2022) Internet of Things Aware Secure Dew Computing Architecture for Distributed Hotspot Network: A Conceptual Study. Applied Sciences, 12 (18). ISSN 2076-3417

Ristov, Strahil; Brajković, Vladimir; Cubric Curik, Vlatka; Michieli, Ivan; Curik, Ino (2016) MaGelLAn 1.0 : a software to facilitate quantitative and population genetic analysis of maternal inheritance by combination of molecular and pedigree information. Genetics Selection Evolution, 48 . 65-1-65-10. ISSN 0999-193X

(Indigo DataCloud) Salomoni, D.; Campos, I.; Gaido, L.; de Lucas, J. Marco; Solagna, P.; Gomes, J.; Matyska, L.; Fuhrman, P.; Hardt, M.; Donvito, G.; Dutka, L.; Plociennik, M.; Barbera, R.; Blanquer, I.; Ceccanti, A.; Cetinić, Eva; David, M.; Duma, C.; López-García, A.; Moltó, G.; Orviz, P.; Sustr, Z.; Viljoen, M.; Aguilar, F.; Alves, L.; Antonacci, M.; Antonelli, L. A.; Bagnasco, S.; Bonvin, A. M. J. J.; Bruno, R.; Chen, Y.; Costa, A.; Davidović, Davor; Ertl, B.; Fargetta, M.; Fiore, S.; Gallozzi, S.; Kurkcuoglu, Z.; Lloret, L.; Martins, J.; Nuzzo, A.; Nassisi, P.; Palazzo, C.; Pina, J.; Sciacca, E.; Spiga, D.; Tangaro, M.; Urbaniak, M.; Vallero, S.; Wegh, B.; Zaccolo, V.; Zambelli, F.; Zok, T. (2018) INDIGO-DataCloud: a Platform to Facilitate Seamless Access to E-Infrastructures. Journal of Grid Computing, 16 (3). pp. 381-408. ISSN 1570-7873

Savić, Aleksandar; Živković, Suzana; Jovanović, Katarina; Dupochel, Ludovic; Kopriva, Ivica (2015) Complete determination of plant tissues based only on auto-fluorescence and the advanced image analysis – study of needles and stamens. Journal of chemometrics, 29 (10). pp. 521-527. ISSN 0886-9383

Sitnik, Dario; Aralica, Gorana; Hadžija, Mirko; Popović Hadžija, Marijana; Pačić, Arijana; Milković Periša, Marija; Manojlović, Luka; Krstanac, Karolina; Plavetić, Andrija; Kopriva, Ivica (2020) A Dataset and a Methodology for Intraoperative Computer-Aided Diagnosis of a Metastatic Colon Cancer in a Liver. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 66 (4). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1746-8094

Skala, Karolj; Davidović, Davor; Afgan, Enis; Sović, Ivan; Šojat, Zorislav (2015) Scalable distributed computing hierarchy: cloud, fog and dew computing. Open Journal of Cloud Computing (OJCC), 2 (1). pp. 16-24. ISSN 2199-1987

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Conference or workshop item published in conference proceedings

Afgan, Enis; Skala, Karolj; Davidović, Davor; Lipić, Tomislav; Sović, Ivan (2012) CloudMan as a tool execution framework for the cloud. In: Biljanović, Petar; Skala, Karolj, (eds.) MIPRO, 2012 Proceedings of the 35th International Convention. pp. 437-441 .

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Davidović, Davor; Karolj, Skala; Peter, Kacsuk; Philipp, Wieder (2018) EOSC servisi za digitalnu humanistiku. In: Bekić, Zoran; Golubić, Kruno; Kučina Softić, Sandra; Pavičić, Vlasta; Rako, Sabina, (eds.) Knjiga sažetaka : Dani e-infrastrukture Srce - DEI 2018. Zagreb, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Sveučilišni računski centar, p. 39 .

Davidović, Davor; Lipić, Tomislav; Skala, Karolj (2013) AdriaScience gateway: application specific gateway for advanced meteorological predictions on Croatian distributed computing infrastructures. In: Biljanović, Petar; Skala, Karolj, (eds.) Proceedings of the 36th International Convention MIPRO. Rijeka, MIPRO, pp. 237-241 .

Davidović, Davor; Skala, Karolj (2010) Implementation of the WRF-ARW prognostic model on the Grid. In: Biljanović, Petar; Skala, Karolj, (eds.) Proceedings Vol. I. MEET&GVS 33rd International Convention on information and communication technology, elecronics and microelectronics. Rijeka, IEEE, pp. 253-258 .

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Forer, Lukas; Afgan, Enis; Weißensteiner, Hansi; Davidović, Davor; Specht, Gűnter; Kronenberg, Florian; Schönherr, Sebastian (2015) Cloudflow – A Framework for MapReduce Pipeline Development in Biomedical Research. In: Biljanović, Petar, (ed.) MIPRO 2015 38th International Convention Proceedings. Rijeka, Croatian Society for Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics - MIPRO, pp. 185-190 .

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Unpublished conference/workshop items or lecture materials

UNSPECIFIED Projekti primjene informacijske tehnologije. In: Proslava 60. obljetnice Instituta Ruđer Bošković (9 June 2010 - 9 June 2010) Zagreb, Hrvatska. (Unpublished)

Antulov-Fantulin, Nino Modeliranje strukture kompleksne mreže i dinamičkih procesa. In: Znanstveni susreti 3. vrste (7 July 2011 - 8 July 2011) Zagreb, Hrvatska. (Unpublished)

Davidović, Davor Onboarding services to the EOSC Marketplace: An example of REVIGO service. In: PUBMET 2021 - Thw 8th conference on Scholarly communication in the context of open science (15 September 2021 - 17 September 2021) Zadar, Croatia.

Davidović, Davor; Cetinić, Eva; Skala, Karolj European research area and digital humanities. In: Perspektive digitalne humanistike u europskom znanstvenom oblaku (12 July 2017 - 12 July 2017) Zagreb, Hrvatska. (Unpublished)

Davidović, Davor; Cetinić, Eva; Skala, Karolj DARIAH Science Gateway - hands-on. In: Perspektive digitalne humanistike u europskom znanstvenom oblaku (12 July 2017 - 12 July 2017) Zagreb, Hrvatska. (Unpublished)

Davidović, Davor; Eva, Cetinić; Karolj, Skala Digital Arts and Humanities in the European Open Science Cloud. In: Second International Workshop on Data Science (30 November 2017 - 30 November 2017) Zagreb. (Unpublished)

Davidović, Davor; Wandl-Vogt, Eveline; Skala, Karolj; Kalman, Tibor EGI-Engage – Competence Centre for DARIAH-ERIC. In: 12th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2015) (31 May 2015 - 4 June 2015) Portorož, Slovenija. (Unpublished)

Jukić, Ante Ekstrakcija značajki iz 1D podataka korištenjem dekompozicije tenzora. In: Znanstveni susreti 3. vrste (7 July 2011 - 8 July 2011) Zagreb, Hrvatska. (Unpublished)

Schönherr, Sebastian; Forer, Lukas; Davidović, Davor; Weissensteiner, Hansi; Kronenberg, Florian; Afgan, Enis Bringing Hadoop into Bioinformatics with Cloudgene and CloudMan. In: 16th Annual Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, BOSC 2015 (10 July 2015 - 11 July 2015) Dublin, Ireland. (Unpublished)

Skala, Karolj; Davidović, Davor Parallel and scalable algorithms on heterogeneous computing architectures. In: First international workshop on Data Science (IWDS 2016) (30 November 2016 - 30 November 2016) .

Sović, Ivan; Lipić, Tomislav; Grubišić, Ivan; Gjenero, Luko 3D termografija i medicinske primjene. In: Znanstveni susreti 3. vrste (7 July 2011 - 8 July 2011) Zagreb, Hrvatska. (Unpublished)


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Lovrić, Jakov (2022) Structural properties of Quantizer problem solutions. Doctoral thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Piškorec, Matija (2019) Statistical Inference of Exogenous and Endogenous Information Propagation in Social Networks. Doctoral thesis, Rudjer Boskovic Institute.

Sović, Ivan (2016) Algorithms for de novo genome assembly from third generation sequencing data. Doctoral thesis, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva.

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Antulov-Fantulin, Nino; Lančić, Alen; Štefančić, Hrvoje; Šmuc, Tomislav; Šikić, Mile (2014) Supporting Data and Code: Detectability limits of epidemic sources in networks. [Dataset] (Unpublished)

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