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Aliaga, José Ignacio; Bientinesi, Paolo; Davidović, Davor; Di Napoli, Eduardo; Igual Peña, Francisco D.; Quintana-Ortí, Enrique S. (2012) Solving Dense Generalized Eigenproblems on Multi-threaded Architectures. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 218 (22). pp. 11279-11289. ISSN 0096-3003

Antonacci, Marica; Brigandì, Alberto; Caballer, Miguel; Cetinić, Eva; Davidović, Davor; Donvito, Giacinto; Moltó, Germán; Salomoni, Davide (2019) Digital repository as a service: automatic deployment of an Invenio-based repository using TOSCA orchestration and Apache Mesos. In: Forti, Alessandra; Betev, Latchezar; Litmaath, Maarten; Smirnova, Oxana; Vasileva, Petya; Vassilev, Vassil; Hristov, Peter, (eds.) 23rd International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP 2018). .


Davidović, Davor; Fabregat-Traver, Diego; Höhnerbach, Markus; Di Napoli, Edoardo (2018) Accelerating the computation of FLAPW methods on heterogeneous architectures. Concurrency and computation-practice & experience, 30 (24). ISSN 1532-0626

Davidović, Davor; La Rocca, Giuseppe; Kalman, Tibor e-Infrastructure demonstrators by the DARIAH Competence Centre for digital Arts and Humanities. In: EGI Conference (6 April 2016 - 8 April 2016) Amsterdam. (Unpublished)

Du, Qian; Kopriva, Ivica (2009) Dependent component analysis for blind restoration of images degraded by turbulent atmosphere. Neurocomputing, 72 (10-12). pp. 2682-2692. ISSN 0925-2312


Filipović, Marko (2013) Sparse representations of signals for information recovery from incomplete data. Doctoral thesis, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet.

Filipović, Marko; Kopriva, Ivica (2011) A comparison of dictionary based approaches to inpainting with an emphasis to independent component analysis learned dictionaries. Inverse Problems and Imaging, 5 (4). pp. 815-841. ISSN 1930-8337

Filipović, Marko; Kopriva, Ivica; Cichocki, Andrzej (2012) Inpainting color images in learned dictionary. In: Proceedings of the 20th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2012). pp. 66-70 .


Grubišić,, Ivan / I.G.; Lipić, Tomislav; Mesić, Benjamin; Šmuc, Tomislav BricksND - Benchmark for disentangled concept learning. In: 5th International Workshop on Data Science (IWDS 2020) (24 November 2020 - 24 November 2020) Virtual. (Unpublished)

Grubišić, Ivan; Lipić, Tomislav (2021) A Survey on veridical benchmarks for understanding the power of deep learning models in high-level cognitive vision tasks. [Dataset] (Unpublished)


Ju, Wei; Xiang, Deihui; Zhang, Bin; Wang, Lirong; Kopriva, Ivica; Chen, Xinjian (2015) Random walk and graph cut for co-segmentation of lung tumor on PET-CT images. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 24 (12). pp. 5854-5867. ISSN 1057-7149


Kopriva, Ivica (2009) 3D Tensor Factorization Approach to Single-frame Model-free Blind Image Deconvolution. Optics Letters, 34 (18). pp. 2835-2837. ISSN 0146-9592

Kopriva, Ivica (2010) Tensor factorization for model-free space-variant blind deconvolution of the single- and multi-frame multi-spectral image. Optics express, 18 (17). pp. 17819-17833. ISSN 1094-4087

Kopriva, Ivica; Brbić, Maria; Tolić, Dijana; Antulov Fantulin, Nino; Chen, Xinjian (2016) Supporting Data and Code: Fast clustering in linear independent 1D subspaces: segmentation of multi-channel images with high spatial resolution. [Dataset] (Submitted)

Kopriva, Ivica; Cichocki, Andrzej (2009) Blind Multi-spectral Image Decomposition by 3D Nonnegative Tensor Factorization. Optics Letters, 34 (14). pp. 2210-2212. ISSN 0146-9592

Kopriva, Ivica; Cichocki, Andrzej (2009) Blind decomposition of low-dimensional multi-spectral image by sparse component analysis. Journal of Chemometrics, 23 (11). pp. 590-597. ISSN 0886-9383

Kopriva, Ivica; Hadžija, Mirko; Popović Hadžija, Marijana; Korolija, Marina; Cichocki, Andrzej (2011) Rational variety mapping for contrast-enhanced nonlinear unsupervised segmentation of multispectral images of unstained specimen. American Journal of Pathology, 179 (2). pp. 547-554. ISSN 0002-9440

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka (2010) Blind separation of analytes in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry: sparseness-based robust multicomponent analysis. Analytical chemistry, 82 (5). pp. 1911-1920. ISSN 0003-2700

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka (2009) Multi-component Analysis: Blind Extraction of Pure Components Mass Spectra using Sparse Component Analysis. Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 44 (9). pp. 1378-1388. ISSN 1076-5174

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka; Cichocki, Andrzej (2009) Blind Decomposition of Infrared Spectra Using Flexible Component Analysis. Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems, 97 (2). pp. 170-178. ISSN 0169-7439

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka; Popović Hadžija, Marijana; Hadžija, Mirko; Vučić Lovrenčić, Marijana (2021) Nonnegative Least Squares Approach to Quantification of 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Human Urine. Analytical Chemistry, 93 (2). pp. 745-751. ISSN 0003-2700

Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka; Smrečki, Vilko (2009) Extraction of multiple pure component 1H and 13C NMR spectra from two mixtures: novel solution obtained by sparse component analysis-based blind decomposition. Analytica Chimica Acta, 653 (2). pp. 143-153. ISSN 0003-2670

Kopriva, Ivica; Peršin, Antun (2009) Unsupervised decomposition of low-intensity low-dimensional multi-spectral fluorescent images for tumour demarcation. Medical image analysis, 13 (3). pp. 507-518. ISSN 1361-8415

Kopriva, Ivica; Peršin, Antun; Puizina-Ivić, Neira; Mirić, Lina (2010) Robust demarcation of basal cell carcinoma by dependent component analysis-based segmentation of multi-spectral fluorescence image. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 100 (1). pp. 10-18. ISSN 1011-1344

Kopriva, Ivica; Peršin, Antun; Zorc, Hrvoje; Pašić, Aida; Lipozenčić, Jasna; Kostović, Krešimir; Lončarić, Martin (2007) Visualisation of basal cell carcinoma by fluorescence diagnosis and independent component analysis. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 4 (3). pp. 190-196. ISSN 1572-1000

Kovačević, Goran; Veryazov, Valera (2015) Luscus: molecular viewer and editor for MOLCAS. Journal of Cheminformatics, 7 . 16/1-16/10. ISSN 1758-2946


Marić, Ivan (2013) Optimization of self-organizing polynomial neural networks. Expert systems with applications, 40 (11). pp. 4528-4538. ISSN 0957-4174


Skala, Karolj; Davidović, Davor; Afgan, Enis; Sović, Ivan; Lipić, Tomislav; Cetinić, Eva Scalable Distributed Computing Common Hierarchy. In: EGI Community Forum (9 November 2015 - 13 November 2015) Bari, Italy. (Unpublished)

Sović, Ivan (2016) Algorithms for de novo genome assembly from third generation sequencing data. Doctoral thesis, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva.


Tomić, Draško; Davidović, Davor; Janđel, Vladimir; Mesarić, Josip; Skala, Karolj; Lipić, Tomislav (2020) Drug screening with the Autodock Vina on a set of kinases without experimentally established structures. In: Skala, Karolj, (ed.) MIPRO 2020 43rd International Convention Proceedings. Rijeka, Hrvatska, Croatian Society for Information, Communication and Electronic Technology – MIPRO, pp. 395-401 .


Vidulin, Vedrana; Šmuc, Tomislav; Supek, Fran (2016) Extensive complementarity between gene function prediction methods. Bioinformatics, 32 (23). pp. 3645-3653. ISSN 1367-4803


Wasylkiwskyj, Wasyl; Kopriva, Ivica (2009) Second and Fourth Order Statistics -Based Reduced Polynomial Rooting Direction Finding Algorithms. Signal Processing, 89 (6). pp. 1050-1060. ISSN 0165-1684

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