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Beriša, Arben; Gredičak, Matija (2023) Chiral phosphoric acid-catalyzed Friedel-Crafts reaction of 2,5-disubstituted and 2-monosubstituted pyrroles with isoindolinone-derived ketimines. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 21 . pp. 3381-3387. ISSN 2325-2170

Glavač, Danijel; Gredičak, Matija (2022) Construction of chiral Betti base precursors containing a congested quaternary stereogenic center via chiral phosphoric acid-catalyzed arylation of isoindolinone-derived ketimines. New Journal of Chemistry, 46 (18). pp. 8760-8764. ISSN 1144-0546

Topolovčan, Nikola; Degač, Marina; Čikoš, Ana; Gredičak, Matija (2022) Chemoselective and Regioselective Synthesis of Spiroisoindolinone Indenes via an Intercepted Meyer-Schuster Rearrangement/Intramolecular Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Relay. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 87 . pp. 3712-3717. ISSN 0022-3263

Beriša, Arben; Glavač, Danijel; Zheng, Chao; You, Shu-Li; Gredičak, Matija (2022) Enantioselective construction of a congested quaternary stereogenic center in isoindolinones bearing three aryl groups via an organocatalytic formal Betti reaction. Organic Chemistry Frontiers, 9 . pp. 428-435. ISSN 2052-4110

Matišić, Mateja; Gredičak, Matija (2021) Enantioselective construction of a tetrasubstituted stereocenter in isoindolinones via an organocatalyzed reaction between ketones and 3-hydroxyisoindolinones. Chemical Communications, 57 . pp. 13546-13547. ISSN 0022-4936

Topolovčan, Nikola; Duplić, Filip; Gredičak, Matija (2021) Influence of N ‐Substitution in 3‐Alkyl‐3‐hydroxyisoindolin‐1‐ones on the Stereoselectivity of Brønsted Acid‐Catalyzed Synthesis of 3‐Methyleneisoindolin‐1‐ones. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021 (28). pp. 3920-3924. ISSN 1434-193X

Topolovčan, Nikola; Gredičak, Matija (2021) Synthesis and stereoselective catalytic transformations of 3-hydroxyisoindolinones. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 19 (21). pp. 4637-4651. ISSN 1477-0520

Glavač, Danijel; Topolovčan, Nikola; Gredičak, Matija (2020) Organocatalytic Synthesis of α-Triphenylmethylamines from Diarylketimines and Phenols. The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 85 (21). pp. 14253-14261. ISSN 0022-3263

Glavač, Danijel; Gredičak, Matija (2017) Organocatalytic asymmetric transformations of 3–substituted 3–hydroxyisoindolinones. SYNLETT, 28 (8). pp. 889-897. ISSN 0936-5214

Glavač, Danijel; Zheng, Chao; Dokli, Irena; You, Shu-Li; Gredičak, Matija (2017) Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Enantioselective aza-Friedel–Crafts Reaction of Cyclic α-Diaryl N-Acyl Imines with Indoles. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 82 (16). pp. 8752-8760. ISSN 0022-3263

Puškarić, Andreas; Halasz, Ivan; Gredičak, Matija; Palčić, Ana; Bronić, Josip (2016) Synthesis and structure characterization of zinc and cadmium dipeptide coordination polymers. New Journal of Chemistry, 40 . pp. 4252-4257. ISSN 1144-0546

Dokli, Irena; Gredičak, Matija (2015) Mechanochemical Ritter reaction: a rapid approach to functionalized amides at room temperature. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2015 (12). pp. 2727-2732. ISSN 1434-193X

Radman, Andreja; Gredičak, Matija; Kopriva, Ivica; Jerić, Ivanka (2011) Predicting antitumor activity of peptides by consensus of regression models trained on a small data sample. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 12 (12). pp. 8415-8430. ISSN 1422-0067

Gredičak, Matija; Matanović, Ivana; Zimmermann, Boris; Jerić, Ivanka (2010) Bergman Cyclization of Acyclic Amino Acid Derived Enediynes Leads to the Formation of 2,3-Dihydrobenzofisoindoles. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 75 (18). pp. 6219-6228. ISSN 0022-3263

Unpublished conference/workshop items or lecture materials

Gredičak, Matija; Zimmermann, Boris The secret mechanism of enediynes. In: Znanstveni susreti 3. vrste (7 July 2011 - 8 July 2011) Zagreb, Hrvatska. (Unpublished)

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