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Jurin, Mladenka; Kontrec, Darko; Roje, Marin (2024) HPLC and SFC Enantioseparation of (±)-Trans-β-Lactam Ureas on Immobilized Polysaccharide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases—The Introduction of Dimethyl Carbonate as an Organic Modifier in SFC. Separations, 11 (2). ISSN 2297-8739

Dedić, Alema; Džudžević Čančar, Hurija; Stanojković, Tatjana; Roje, Marin; Damjanović, Ana; Alispahić, Amra; Jerković-Mujkić, Anesa (2023) HPLC Analysis of Phytosterols in Prunus spinosa L. Extracts and Their Antiproliferative Activity on Prostate Cancer Cell Lines. Kemija u industriji, 72 (5-6). pp. 323-330. ISSN 1334-9090

Vadlja, Denis; Bujak, Maro; Čož-Rakovac, Rozelindra; Roje, Marin; Čižmek, Lara; Horvatić, Anita; Svetličić, Ema; Diminić, Janko; Rakovac, Saša; Oros, Damir; Zucko, Jurica; Starcevic, Antonio (2022) Bioprospecting for Microorganisms in Peloids—Extreme Environment Known for Its Healing Properties. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9 . ISSN 2296-7745

Dobrinčić, Ana; Zorić, Zoran; Pedisić, Sandra; Repajić, Maja; Roje, Marin; Herceg, Zoran; Čož-Rakovac, Rozelindra (2022) Application of ultrasound-assisted extraction and non-thermal plasma for fucus virsoides and cystoseira barbata polysaccharides pre-treatment and extraction. Processes, 10 (2). ISSN 2227-9717

Jurin, Mladenka; Kontrec, Darko; Dražić, Tonko; Roje, Marin (2022) Enantioseparation of syn- and anti-3,5-Disubstituted Hydantoins by HPLC and SFC on Immobilized Polysaccharides-Based Chiral Stationary Phases. Separations, 9 (7). ISSN 2297-8739

Buljan, Anđela; Roje, Marin (2022) Application of Green Chiral Chromatography in Enantioseparation of Newly Synthesized Racemic Marinoepoxides. Marine Drugs, 20 (8). ISSN 1660-3397

Cegledi, Ena; Garofulić, Ivona Elez; Zorić, Zoran; Roje, Marin; Dragović-Uzelac, Verica (2022) Effect of Spray Drying Encapsulation on Nettle Leaf Extract Powder Properties, Polyphenols and Their Bioavailability. Foods, 11 (18). ISSN 2304-8158

Voća, Sandra; Šic Žlabur, Jana; Družić, Jasmina; Skendrović Babojelić, Martina; Jurković, Tomislav; Roje, Marin (2022) Assessment of the nutritional potential and content of specialized metabolites of citrus fruits. Journal of Central European Agriculture, 23 (1). pp. 114-124. ISSN 1332-9049

Dobrinčić, Ana; Pedisić, Sandra; Zorić, Zoran; Jurin, Mladenka; Roje, Marin; Čož-Rakovac, Rozelindra; Dragović-Uzelac, Verica (2021) Microwave Assisted Extraction and Pressurized Liquid Extraction of Sulfated Polysaccharides from Fucus virsoides and Cystoseira barbata. Foods, 10 (7). ISSN 2304-8158

Jurin, Mladenka; Kontrec, Darko; Dražić, Tonko; Roje, Marin (2020) Enantioseparation of (±)-trans-β-lactam Ureas by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Croatica chemica acta, 93 (3). pp. 203-213. ISSN 0011-1643

Jerković, Igor; Kranjac, Marina; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Roje, Marin; Jokić, Stela (2019) Chemical diversity of headspace and volatile oil composition of two brown algae (Taonia atomaria and Padina pavonica) from the Adriatic sea. Molecules, 24 (495). ISSN 1420-3049

Jerković, Igor; Roje, Marin; Tuberoso, C. I. G.; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Kasum, A.; Obradović, Marina (2014) Bioorganic Research of Galactites tomentosa Moench. Honey Extracts: Enantiomeric Purity of Chiral Marker 3- Phenyllactic Acid. Chirality, 26 (8). pp. 405-410. ISSN 0899-0042

Jerković, Igor; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Gugić, Mirko; Roje, Marin (2011) Chemical profile of the organic residue from ancient amphora found in the Adriatic Sea determined by direct GC and GC-MS analysis. Molecules, 16 (9). pp. 7936-7948. ISSN 1420-3049

Šunjić, Vitomir; Franić, Dean; Kontrec, Darko; Roje, Marin (2010) Recent Achievements in Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Technology. Part II.. Kemija u industriji, 59 (9). pp. 439-450. ISSN 0022-9830

Šunjić, Vitomir; Franić, Dean; Kontrec, Darko; Roje, Marin (2010) Recent Achievements in Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Technology. Part I.. Kemija u industriji, 59 (6). pp. 283-294. ISSN 0022-9830

Portada, Tomislav; Roje, Marin; Raza, Zlata; Čaplar, Vesna; Žinić, Mladen; Šunjić, Vitomir (2000) Remarkable Cumulative Stereoselectivity in Cyclopropanation with Supramolecular Cu(I) Catalytic Complexes. Chemical Communication . pp. 1993-1994. ISSN 1359-7345

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