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Milašinović, Valentina; Molčanov, Krešimir; Krawczuk, Anna; Bogdanov, Nikita; Zakharov, Boris; Boldyreva, Elena; Jelsch, Christian; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka (2021) Charge density studies of multicentre two-electron bonding of an anion radical at non-ambient temperature and pressure. IUCrJ, 8 (4). pp. 644-654. ISSN 2052-2525

Jurić, Marijana; Molčanov, Krešimir; Pavić, Luka (2020) Magnetic and Electrical Behaviors of the Homo- and Heterometallic 1D and 3D Coordination Polymers Based on the Partial Decomposition of the [Cr(C2O4)3]3− Building Block. Materials, 13 (23). ISSN 1996-1944

Jurić, Marijana; Molčanov, Krešimir; Šantić, Ana; Lončarić, Ivor (2020) Structural, Electrical, and Magnetic Versatility of the Oxalate-Based [CuFe] Compounds Containing 2,2′:6′,2″-Terpyridine: Anion-Directed Synthesis. Inorganic Chemistry, 59 (24). pp. 18078-18089. ISSN 0020-1669

Vušak, Vitomir; Vušak, Darko; Molčanov, Krešimir; Meštrović, Ernest (2020) Synthesis, crystal structure and spectroscopic and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 4-hy­dr­oxy-3- meth­­oxy-5-nitro­benzaldehyde. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications, 76 (2). pp. 239-244. ISSN 2056-9890

Vuk, Dragana; Škorić, Irena; Milašinović, Valentina; Molčanov, Krešimir; Marinić, Željko (2020) A simple and easy to perform synthetic route to functionalized thienyl bicyclo[3.2.1]octadienes. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 16 . pp. 1092-1099. ISSN 1860-5397

Kanižaj, Lidija; Vuković, Vedran; Wenger, Emmanuel; Jurić, Marijana; Molčanov, Krešimir (2020) Analysis of supramolecular interactions directing crystal packing of novel mononuclear chloranilate-based complexes: Different types of hydrogen bonding and π-stacking. Polyhedron, 189 . ISSN 0277-5387

Eraković, Mihael; Cinčić, Dominik; Molčanov, Krešimir; Stilinović, Vladimir (2019) A Crystallographic Charge Density Study of the Partial Covalent Nature of Strong N⋅⋅⋅Br Halogen Bonds. Angewandte Chemie International edition, 58 (44). pp. 15702-15706. ISSN 1433-7851

Molčanov, Krešimir; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka (2019) Towards understanding π-stacking interactions between non-aromatic rings. IUCrJ, 6 (2). pp. 156-166. ISSN 2052-2525

Molčanov, Krešimir (2019) A Different Introduction to Stereochemistry: Snails, Mirrors, and Coordinate Systems. Kemija u industriji, 68 (1/2). pp. 41-47. ISSN 0022-9830

Molčanov, Krešimir; Androš Dubraja, Lidija; Jurić, Marijana (2019) Supramolecular Architecture of Chloranilate Salts with Organic Cations: pi-stacking vs. Hydrogen Bonding. Croatica Chemica Acta, 92 (2). pp. 297-305. ISSN 0011-1643

Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Molčanov, Krešimir (2019) A Strong Link Between Organic Chemistry and Chemical Crystallography Started a Century Ago. Croatica Chemica Acta, 92 (2). pp. 315-321. ISSN 0011-1643

Kanižaj, Lidija; Androš Dubraja, Lidija; Torić, Filip; Pajić, Damir; Molčanov, Krešimir; Wenger, Emmanuel; Jurić, Marijana (2019) Dimensionality controlled by light exposure: 1D versus 3D oxalate-bridged [CuFe] coordination polymers based on [Fe(C2O4)3]3− metallotecton. Inorganic chemistry frontiers, 6 (11). pp. 3327-3335. ISSN 2052-1553

Kanižaj, Lidija; Molčanov, Krešimir; Torić, Filip; Pajić, Damir; Lončarić, Ivor; Šantić, Ana; Jurić, Marijana (2019) Ladder-like [CrCu] coordination polymers containing unique bridging modes of [Cr(C2O4)3]3− and Cr2O72−. Dalton Transactions, 48 . pp. 7891-7898. ISSN 1477-9226

Milašinović, Valentina; Molčanov, Krešimir (2018) Alkali salts of nitranilic and cyanochloranilic acids. Croatica chemica acta, 91 (2). pp. 177-186. ISSN 0011-1643

Molčanov, Krešimir; Mou, Zhongyu; Kertesz, Miklos; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Stalke, Dietmar; Demeshko, Serhiy; Šantić, Ana; Stilinović, Vladimir (2018) Pancake Bonding in pi-Stacked Trimers in a Salt of Tetrachloroquinone Anion. Chemistry - A European Journal, 24 . p. 8297. ISSN 0947-6539

Molčanov, Krešimir; Mali, Gregor; Grdadolnik, Jože; Stare, Jernej; Stilinović, Vladimir; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka (2018) Iodide∙∙∙π interactions of perhalogenated quinoid rings in co-crystals with organic bases. Crystal Growth and Design, 18 . pp. 5182-5193. ISSN 1528-7483

Jurić, Marijana; Androš Dubraja, Lidija; Popović, Jasminka; Molčanov, Krešimir; Torić, Filip; Pajić, Damir; Lončarić, Ivor (2018) From a square core to square opening: structural diversity and magnetic properties of the oxo-bridged [CrIIINbV] complexes. Dalton Transactions, 47 (12). pp. 4183-4190. ISSN 1477-9226

Žilić, Dijana; Molčanov, Krešimir; Jurić, Marijana; Habjanič, Jelena; Rakvin, Boris; Krupskaya, Yulia; Kataev, Vladislav; Wurmehl, Sabine; Büchner, Bernd (2017) 3D oxalate-based coordination polymers: relationship between Structure, magnetism and color, studied by high-field ESR spectroscopy. Polyhedron, 126 . pp. 120-126. ISSN 0277-5387

Žilić, Dijana; Maity, Debdeep; Cetina, Mario; Molčanov, Krešimir; Džolić, Zoran; Herak, Mirta (2017) Magneto-Structural Characterization of Oxalamide Dihalo-Bridged Copper Dimers: Intra- and Interdimer Interactions Studied by Single Crystal ESR Spectroscopy. ChemPhysChem, 18 . pp. 2397-2408. ISSN 1439-7641

Molčanov, Krešimir; Stilinović, Vladimir; Šantić, Ana; Maltar-Strmečki, Nadica; Pajić, Damir; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka (2016) Fine tuning of π-stack separation distances of semiquinone radicals affects their magnetic and electric properties. Crystal Growth and Design, 16 (9). pp. 4777-4782. ISSN 1528-7483

Jurić, Marijana; Molčanov, Krešimir; Žilić, Dijana; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka (2016) From mononuclear to linear one-dimensional coordination species of copper(II)–chloranilate: design and characterization. RSC Advances, 6 (67). pp. 62785-62796. ISSN 2046-2069

Molčanov, Krešimir; Polanc, Slovenko; Osmak, Maja; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka (2015) An axial chirality and disorder of positional isomers in a crystal of highly cytotoxic 3-acetyl-1, 3-bis(2-chloro-4-nitrophenyl)-1E-triazene. Acta Chimica Slovenica, 62 (2). pp. 371-377. ISSN 1318-0207

Jurić, Marijana; Pajić, Damir; Žilić, Dijana; Rakvin, Boris; Molčanov, Krešimir; Popović, Jasminka (2015) Magnetic order in a novel 3D oxalate-based coordination polymer {;[Cu(bpy)3][Mn2(C2O4)3]·H2O};n. Dalton Transactions, 44 . pp. 20626-20635. ISSN 1477-9226

Kovačević, Monika; Molčanov, Krešimir; Radošević, Kristina; Gaurina Srček, Višnja; Roca, Sunčica; Čače, Alana; Barišić, Lidija (2014) Conjugates of 1'-aminoferrocene-1-carboxylic acid and proline : Synthesis, conformational analysis and biological evaluation. Molecules, 19 (8). pp. 12852-12880. ISSN 1420-3049

Molčanov, Krešimir; Stare, Jernej; Vener, Mikhail; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Mali, Gregor; Grdadolnik, Jože; Mohaček Grošev, Vlasta (2014) Nitranilic acid hexahydrate, a novel benchmark system of the Zundel cation in an intrinsically asymmetric environment: spectroscopic features and hydrogen bond dynamics characterised by experimental and theoretical methods. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16 (3). pp. 998-1007. ISSN 1463-9076

Dražić, Tonko; Molčanov, Krešimir; Sachdev, Vinay; Malnar, Martina; Hećimović, Silva; Patankar, Jay V.; Obrowsky, Sascha; Levak-Frank, Sanja; Habuš, Ivan; Kratky, Dagmar (2014) Novel amino-β-lactam derivatives as potent cholesterol absorption inhibitors. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 87 . pp. 722-734. ISSN 0223-5234

Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Molčanov, Krešimir (2013) The 100th Anniversary of X-Ray Crystallography. Kemija u industriji, 62 (7-8). pp. 247-260. ISSN 0022-9830

Blažek, Vesna; Molčanov, Krešimir; Mlinarić-Majerski, Kata; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Basarić, Nikola (2013) Adamantane bisurea derivatives: anion binding in the solution and in the solid state. Tetrahedron, 69 (2). pp. 517-526. ISSN 0040-4020

Vuk, Dragana; Željko, Marinić; Molčanov, Krešimir; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Sindler-Kulyk, Marija (2012) Photochemical and Thermal Transformations of Thiophene o-Distyrylbenzene Analogues in Acidic Media. Croatica Chemica Acta, 85 (4). pp. 425-434. ISSN 0011-1643

Cinčić, Dominik; Juribašić, Marina; Babić, Darko; Molčanov, Krešimir; Šket, Primož; Plavec, Janez; Ćurić, Manda (2011) New insight into solid-state molecular dynamics: mechanochemical synthesis of azobenzene/triphenylphosphine palladacycles. Chemical Communications, 47 (41). pp. 11543-11545. ISSN 1359-7345

Molčanov, Krešimir; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Babić, Darko; Žilić, Dijana; Rakvin, Boris (2011) Stabilisation of tetrabromo- and tetrachlorosemiquinone (bromanil and chloranil) anion radicals in crystals. CrystEngComm, 13 (16). pp. 5170-5178. ISSN 1466-8033

Juribašić, Marina; Ćurić, Manda; Molčanov, Krešimir; Matković-Čalogović, Dubravka; Babić, Darko (2010) Unusual azobenzene/bipyridine palladacycles: structural, dynamical, photophysical and theoretical studies. Dalton Transactions, 39 (37). pp. 8769-8778. ISSN 1477-9226

Žilić, Dijana; Pajić, Damir; Jurić, Marijana; Molčanov, Krešimir; Rakvin, Boris; Planinić, Pavica; Zadro, Krešo (2010) Single crystals of DPPH grown from diethyl ether and carbon disulfide solutions – Crystal structures, IR, EPR and magnetization studies. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 207 (1). pp. 34-41. ISSN 1090-7807

Molčanov, Krešimir; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Meden, Anton (2009) Unique Electronic and Structural Properties of 1,4-Benzoquinones: Crystallochemistry of Alkali Chloranilate Hydrates. Croatica Chemica Acta, 82 (2). pp. 387-396. ISSN 0011-1643

Poljak, Tanja; Molčanov, Krešimir; Margetić, Davor; Habuš, Ivan (2008) Study on the Lewis Acid-promoted Aza-Diels - Alder Reaction of Azetidin-2-one-tethered Imines with Siloxydienes in the Asymmetric Synthesis of 2-Aryl(alkyl)-2,3-dihydro-4-pyridones. Croatica Chemica Acta, 81 (4). pp. 539-558. ISSN 0011-1643

Molčanov, Krešimir; Kojić-Prodić, Biserka (2007) Chirality - The forthcoming 160th Anniversary of Pasteur's Discovery. Kemija u industriji, 56 (5). pp. 275-292. ISSN 0022-9830

Kojić-Prodić, Biserka; Molčanov, Krešimir (2006) 40-godišnjica institucije Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre namijenjene pohranjivanju podataka o molekularnim i kristalnim strukturama – “Cambridge Structural Database”. Kemija u industriji, 55 (6). pp. 261-270. ISSN 0022-9830

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