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Crnjac, Andreo; Rodriguez-Ramos, Mauricio; Skukan, Natko; Pomorski, Michal; Jakšić, Milko (2021) Charge transport in single crystal CVD diamond studied at high temperatures. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 54 (46). ISSN 0022-3727

Crnjac, Andreo; Skukan, Natko; Provatas, Georgios; Rodriguez-Ramos, Mauricio; Pomorski, Michal; Jakšić, Milko (2020) Electronic Properties of a Synthetic Single-Crystal Diamond Exposed to High Temperature and High Radiation. Materials, 13 (11). ISSN 1996-1944

Jelavić Malenica, Deša; Milin, Matko; Blagus, Saša; Di Pietro, A.; Figuera, P.; Lattuada, M.; Miljanić, Ðuro; Musumarra, A.; Pellegriti, M. G.; Prepolec, Lovro; Scuderi, V.; Skukan, Natko; Soić, Neven; Szilner, Suzana; Torresi, D.; Uroić, Milivoj (2019) 12C states populated in 10B+10B reactions. Physical Review C, 99 (6). ISSN 2469-9985

Jelavić Malenica, Deša; Milin, Matk; Di Pietro, Alessia; Figuera, Pierpaolo; Lattuada, Marcello; Miljanić, Ðuro; Musumarra, Agatino; Pellegriti, Maria Grazia; Scuderi, Valentina; Skukan, Natko; Soić, Neven; Szilner, Suzana; Torresi, Domenico; Uroić, Milivoj (2019) Interesting states in A = 10 mass region, populated in 10B + 10B nuclear reactions. In: de Angelis, G.; Corradi, L., (eds.) EPJ Web of Conferences. .

Galtarossa, Franco; Corradi, Lorenzo; Szilner, Suzana; Fioretto, Enrico; Pollarolo, Giovanni; Mijatović, Tea; Montanari, Daniele; Ackermann, Dieter; Bourgin, Dominique; Courtin, Sandrine; Fruet, Guillaume; Goasduff, Alain; Grebosz, Jerzy; Haas, Florent; Jelavić Malenica, Deša; Jeong, Sun-Chan; Jia, Huiming; John, Philipp R.; Mengoni, Daniele; Milin, Matko; Montagnoli, Giovanna; Scarlassara, Fernando; Skukan, Natko; Soić, Neven; Stefanini, Alberto M.; Strano, Emanuele; Tokić, Vedrana; Ur, Calin A.; Valiente-Dobòn, José J.; Watanabe, Yutaka (2019) Light and heavy fragments mass correlation in the 197Au+130Te transfer reaction. Il Nuovo Cimento C - Colloquia on Physics, 42 . ISSN 2037-4909

Skukan, Natko; Sudić, Ivan; Pomorski, Michal; Kada, Wataru; Jakšić, Milko (2019) Enhanced radiation hardness and signal recovery in thin diamond detectors. AIP Advances, 9 (2). ISSN 2158-3226

Zahradnik, Izabella A.; Pomorski, Michal T.; De Marzi, Ludovic; Tromson, Dominique; Barberet, Philippe; Skukan, Natko; Bergonzo, Philippe; Devès, Guillaume; Herault, Joël; Kada, Wataru; Pourcher, Thierry; Saada, Samuel (2018) scCVD Diamond Membrane based Microdosimeter for Hadron Therapy. physica status solidi (a), 215 (22). p. 1800383. ISSN 1862-6300

Grilj, Veljko; Skukan, Natko; Jakšić, Milko; Pomorski, M.; Kada, W.; Kamiya, T.; Ohshima, T. (2016) The evaluation of radiation damage parameter for CVD diamond. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 372 . pp. 161-164. ISSN 0168-583X

Jakšić, Milko; Chokheli, Davit; Fazinić, Stjepko; Grilj, Veljko; Skukan, Natko; Sudić, Ivan; Tadić, Tonči; Antičić, Tome (2016) In-air ion beam analysis with high spatial resolution proton microbeam. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 371 . pp. 185-188. ISSN 0168-583X

Forneris, Jacopo; Grilj, Veljko; Skukan, Natko; Jakšić, Milko (2015) Electrical stimulation of non-classical photon emission from diamond color centers by means of sub-superficial graphitic electrodes. Scientific Reports, 5 . 15901/1-15901/7. ISSN 2045-2322

Fisichella, M.; Forneris, J.; Torresi, D.; Acosta, L; Di Pietro, A.; Figuera, P.; Grilj, Veljko; Jakšić, Milko; Lattuada, M.; Mijatović, Tea; Milin, M.; Prepolec, Lovro; Skukan, Natko; Soić, Neven; Stanko, D.; Tokić, Vedrana; Uroić, Milivoj; Zadro, Mile (2015) Study of interstrip gap effects and efficiency for full energy detection of Double Sided Silicon Strip Detectors. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 590 (1). 012029/1-012029/4. ISSN 1742-6588

Grilj, Veljko; Skukan, Natko; Jakšić, Milko; Pomorski, Michal; Kada, Wataru; Kamiya, Tomihiro; Iwamoto, Naoya; Ohshima, Takeshi (2013) An ultra-thin diamond membrane as a transmission particle detector and vacuum window for external microbeams. Applied Physics Letters, 103 . 243106-1-243106-4. ISSN 0003-6951

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