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Tuning the plasmonic response up : hollow cuboid metal nanostructures

Genç, Aziz; Patarroyo, Javier; Sancho-Parramon, Jordi; Arenal, Raul; Duchamp, Martial; Gonzalez, Edgar; Henrard, Luc; Bastús, Neus; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal; Puntes, Victor; Arbiol, Jordi (2016) Tuning the plasmonic response up : hollow cuboid metal nanostructures. ACS Photonics, 3 (5). pp. 770-779. ISSN 2330-4022

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We report the fine-tuning of the localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPRs) from ultraviolet to near-infrared by nanoengineering the metal nanoparticle morphologies from solid Ag nanocubes to hollow AuAg nanoboxes and AuAg nanoframes. Spatially resolved mapping of plasmon resonances by electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) revealed a homogeneous distribution of highly intense plasmon resonances around the hollow nanostructures and the interaction, that is, hybridization, of inner and outer plasmon fields for the nanoframe. Experimental findings are accurately correlated with the boundary element method (BEM) simulations demonstrating that the homogeneous distribution of the plasmon resonances is the key factor for their improved plasmonic properties. As a proof of concept for these enhanced plasmonic properties, we show the effective label free sensing of bovine serum albumin (BSA) of single-walled AuAg nanoboxes in comparison with solid Au nanoparticles, demonstrating their excellent performance for future biomedical applications.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Open Access at publlisher's site through ACS AuthorChoice J.A. and A.G. acknowledge the funding from Generalitat de Catalunya 2014 SGR 1638 and Spanish MICINN Project e-ATOM (MAT2014-51480-ERC). A.G. acknowledges the Turkish Ministry of National Education for the Ph.D. scholarship. J.P., N.G.B., and V.P. acknowledge financial support from the Generalitat de Catalunya 2014-SGR-612, Spanish MICINN (MAT2012-33330), and European Community (EU-FP7) through the FutureNanoNeeds project. N.G.B. thanks the Spanish MICINN for the financial support through the Juan de la Cierva program and European Commission for the Career Integration Grant (CIG)-Marie Curie Action. The microscopy works have been conducted in the "Laboratorio de Microscopias Avanzadas" at "Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragon - Universidad de Zaragoza" and Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons (ER-C). Authors thank the LMA-INA and ER-C for offering access to their instruments and expertise. Some of the research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Program under Grant Agreement 312483 - ESTEEM2 (Integrated Infrastructure Initiative - I3). Publisher
Uncontrolled Keywords: AuAg ; electron energy loss spectroscopy ; hollow metal nanoparticles ; label-free sensing ; localized surface plasmon resonances
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics
Divisions: Division of Materials Physics
Depositing User: Jordi Sancho Parramon
Date Deposited: 27 Nov 2017 16:19
DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.5b00667

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