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Copper(II) hydrazone complexes with different nuclearities and geometries: synthetic methods and ligand substituent effects

Vrdoljak, Višnja; Pavlović, Gordana; Maltar-Strmečki, Nadica; Cindrić, Marina (2016) Copper(II) hydrazone complexes with different nuclearities and geometries: synthetic methods and ligand substituent effects. New Journal of Chemistry, 40 . pp. 9263-9274. ISSN 1144-0546

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A series of copper(II) complexes with 4- hydroxybenzhydrazone-related ligands was synthesized by using various methods, including conventional solution-based method, solvothermal route and electrochemical synthesis. The complexes can be classified as mononuclear [Cu(L3OMe)(py)] (2py), dinuclear [Cu2(LH)2(py)2] (1py), [Cu2(LH)2] (1 and 1β), [Cu2(LH)2(py)2] (1py), [Cu2(L4OMe)2(py)2] (3py), [Cu2(L4OMe )2] (3), [Cu2(L4OMe )2(MeOH)2] (3MeOH), [Cu2(L4OMe)2(EtOH)2] (3EtOH), cubane tetranuclear [Cu4(L3OMe)4]∙xsolv (2MeOH and 2EtOH), or polynuclear [Cu(LH)(py)]n (1py*), where LH = 2- oxybenzaldehyde 4- hydroxybenzhydrazonato, L3OMe = 3-methoxy-2- oxybenzaldehyde 4- hydroxybenzhydrazonato, and L4OMe = 4-methoxy-2- oxybenzaldehyde 4- hydroxybenzhydrazonato ligands. The presented study indicates that complexes having different nuclearities or/and geometries can be achieved by changing synthetic conditions and methods. Thermally induced structural transformations of the dinuclear complexes under solvent-free conditions were also investigated. Crystal and molecular structures of 1β, 1py*, 2MeOH, 2EtOH, 2py, 3 and 3MeOH were determined by the single crystal X-ray diffraction method. All complexes were characterized by microanalysis, FT- IR and CW-EPR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis and powder X-ray diffraction method.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Financial support for this research was provided by Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia. This work has been partly supported by Croatian Science Foundation under the project number 1108 ‘‘Low-temperature molecular dynamics of systems exhibiting disorder probed by ESR’’.
Uncontrolled Keywords: synthetic methods; nuclearity and geometry; copper(II) complexes; aroylhydrazones
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics
Divisions: Division of Physical Chemistry
Project titleProject leaderProject codeProject type
Karakterizacija niskotemperaturne molekulske dinamike sustava s neuređenom rešetkom metodom ESR-DESiReMarina Ilakovac KvederIP-11-2013-1108HRZZ
Novi kompleksni spojevi i materijali-kemijski i biološki katalizatori-Marina Cindrić119-1191342-1082MZOS
Depositing User: Nadica Maltar Strmečki
Date Deposited: 16 Dec 2016 08:40
DOI: 10.1039/c6nj01036a

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