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Discovery of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the blazar 1ES 1727+502 with the MAGIC Telescopes

(MAGIC Collaboration) Aleksic, J (Aleksic, J.); Antonelli, LA (Antonelli, L. A.); Antoranz, P (Antoranz, P.); Asensio, M (Asensio, M.); Backes, M (Backes, M.); de Almeida, UB (Barres de Almeida, U.); Barrio, JA (Barrio, J. A.); Gonzalez, JB (Becerra Gonzalez, J.); Bednarek, W (Bednarek, W.); Berger, K (Berger, K.); Bernardini, E (Bernardini, E.); Biland, A (Biland, A.); Blanch, O (Blanch, O.); Bock, RK (Bock, R. K.); Boller, A (Boller, A.); Bonnefoy, S (Bonnefoy, S.); Bonnoli, G (Bonnoli, G.); Tridon, DB (Borla Tridon, D.); Borracci, F (Borracci, F.); Bretz, T (Bretz, T.); Carmona, E (Carmona, E.); Carosi, A (Carosi, A.); Fidalgo, DC (Carreto Fidalgo, D.); Colin, P (Colin, P.); Colombo, E (Colombo, E.); Contreras, JL (Contreras, J. L.); Cortina, J (Cortina, J.); Cossio, L (Cossio, L.); Covino, S (Covino, S.); Da Vela, P (Da Vela, P.); Dazzi, F (Dazzi, F.); De Angelis, A (De Angelis, A.); De Caneva, G (De Caneva, G.); De Lotto, B (De Lotto, B.); Mendez, CD (Delgado Mendez, C.); Doert, M (Doert, M.); Dominguez, A (Dominguez, A.); Prester, DD (Prester, D. Dominis); Dorner, D (Dorner, D.); Doro, M (Doro, M.); Eisenacher, D (Eisenacher, D.); Elsaesser, D (Elsaesser, D.); Farina, E (Farina, E.); Ferenc, D (Ferenc, D.); Fonseca, MV (Fonseca, M. V.); Font, L (Font, L.); Fruck, C (Fruck, C.); Lopez, RJG (Garcia Lopez, R. J.); Garczarczyk, M (Garczarczyk, M.); Terrats, DG (Terrats, D. Garrido); Gaug, M (Gaug, M.); Giavitto, G (Giavitto, G.); Godinovic, N (Godinovic, N.); Munoz, AG (Gonzalez Munoz, A.); Gozzini, SR (Gozzini, S. R.); Hadamek, A (Hadamek, A.); Hadasch, D (Hadasch, D.); Hafner, D (Haefner, D.); Herrero, A (Herrero, A.); Hose, J (Hose, J.); Hrupec, D (Hrupec, D.); Idec, W (Idec, W.); Jankowski, F (Jankowski, F.); Kadenius, V (Kadenius, V.); Klepser, S (Klepser, S.); Knoetig, ML (Knoetig, M. L.); Krahenbuhl, T (Kraehenbuehl, T.); Krause, J (Krause, J.); Kushida, J (Kushida, J.); La Barbera, A (La Barbera, A.); Lelas, D (Lelas, D.); Lewandowska, N (Lewandowska, N.); Lindfors, E (Lindfors, E.); Lombardi, S (Lombardi, S.); Lopez, M (Lopez, M.); Lopez-Coto, R (Lopez-Coto, R.); Lopez-Oramas, A (Lopez-Oramas, A.); Lorenz, E (Lorenz, E.); Lozano, I (Lozano, I.); Makariev, M (Makariev, M.); Mallot, K (Mallot, K.); Maneva, G (Maneva, G.); Mankuzhiyil, N (Mankuzhiyil, N.); Mannheim, K (Mannheim, K.); Maraschi, L (Maraschi, L.); Marcote, B (Marcote, B.); Mariotti, M (Mariotti, M.); Martinez, M (Martinez, M.); Masbou, J (Masbou, J.); Mazin, D (Mazin, D.); Meucci, M (Meucci, M.); Miranda, JM (Miranda, J. M.); Mirzoyan, R (Mirzoyan, R.); Moldon, J (Moldon, J.); Moralejo, A (Moralejo, A.); Munar-Adrover, P (Munar-Adrover, P.); Nakajima, D (Nakajima, D.); Niedzwiecki, A (Niedzwiecki, A.); Nilsson, K (Nilsson, K.); Nowak, N (Nowak, N.); Orito, R (Orito, R.); Paiano, S (Paiano, S.); Palatiello, M (Palatiello, M.); Paneque, D (Paneque, D.); Paoletti, R (Paoletti, R.); Paredes, JM (Paredes, J. M.); Partini, S (Partini, S.); Persic, M (Persic, M.); Prada, F (Prada, F.); Moroni, PGP (Prada Moroni, P. G.); Prandini, E (Prandini, E.); Puljak, I (Puljak, I.); Reichardt, I (Reichardt, I.); Reinthal, R (Reinthal, R.); Rhode, W (Rhode, W.); Ribo, M (Ribo, M.); Rico, J (Rico, J.); Rugamer, S (Ruegamer, S.); Saggion, A (Saggion, A.); Saito, K (Saito, K.); Saito, TY (Saito, T. Y.); Salvati, M (Salvati, M.); Satalecka, K (Satalecka, K.); Scalzotto, V (Scalzotto, V.); Scapin, V (Scapin, V.); Schultz, C (Schultz, C.); Schweizer, T (Schweizer, T.); Shore, SN (Shore, S. N.); Sillanpaa, A (Sillanpaeae, A.); Sitarek, J (Sitarek, J.); Snidaric, I (Snidaric, I.); Sobczynska, D (Sobczynska, D.); Spanier, F (Spanier, F.); Spiro, S (Spiro, S.); Stamatescu, V (Stamatescu, V.); Stamerra, A (Stamerra, A.); Steinke, B (Steinke, B.); Storz, J (Storz, J.); Sun, S (Sun, S.); Suric, T (Suric, T.); Takalo, L (Takalo, L.); Takami, H (Takami, H.); Tavecchio, F (Tavecchio, F.); Temnikov, P (Temnikov, P.); Terzic, T (Terzic, T.); Tescaro, D (Tescaro, D.); Teshima, M (Teshima, M.); Tibolla, O (Tibolla, O.); Torres, DF (Torres, D. F.); Toyama, T (Toyama, T.); Treves, A (Treves, A.); Uellenbeck, M (Uellenbeck, M.); Vogler, P (Vogler, P.); Wagner, RM (Wagner, R. M.); Weitzel, Q (Weitzel, Q.); Zandanel, F (Zandanel, F.); Zanin, R (Zanin, R.); Buson, S (Buson, S.) (2014) Discovery of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the blazar 1ES 1727+502 with the MAGIC Telescopes. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 563 (A90). pp. 1-6. ISSN 0004-6361

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Motivated by the Costamante & Ghisellini (2002) predictions we investigated if the blazar 1ES 1727+502 (z=0.055) is emitting very high energy (VHE, E>100 GeV) gamma rays. We observed the BL Lac object 1ES 1727+502 in stereoscopic mode with the two MAGIC telescopes during 14 nights between May 6th and June 10th 2011, for a total effective observing time of 12.6 hours. For the study of the multiwavelength spectral energy distribution (SED) we use simultaneous optical R-band data from the KVA telescope, archival UV/optical and X-ray observations by instruments UVOT and XRT on board of the Swift satellite and high energy (HE, 0.1 GeV - 100 GeV) gamma-ray data from the Fermi-LAT instrument. We detect, for the first time, VHE gamma-ray emission from 1ES 1727+502 at a statistical significance of 5.5 sigma. The integral flux above 150 GeV is estimated to be (2.1\pm0.4)% of the Crab Nebula flux and the de-absorbed VHE spectrum has a photon index of (2.7\pm0.5). No significant short-term variability was found in any of the wavebands presented here. We model the SED using a one-zone synchrotron self-Compton model obtaining parameters typical for this class of sources.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: BL Lac objects: individual(1ES 1727+502); galaxies: active; gamma rays
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics
NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics > Astronomy and Astrophysics
Divisions: Division of Experimental Physics
Project titleProject leaderProject codeProject type
Foton-atom međudjelovanje i korelacije[118624] Tihomir Surić098-0982931-2875MZOS
Depositing User: Dario Hrupec
Date Deposited: 19 Jan 2015 15:46
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201321360

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